Stitch Art Easy!

  • Since 2003
  • Featured cross-stitch embroidery patterns editor
  • User friendly, quick, and simple to use
  • High quality picture and colours processing
  • Standard thread kits colours lists
  • And many more...


Ever wanted to embroider that fancy picture or photo or create your own cross-stitch embroidery scheme pattern? You can easily do it with program Stitch Art Easy!
It is very simple and at the same time powerful cross-stitch embroidery schemes designer. This program will convert your pictures and photos to quality cross-stitch embroidery schemes using colours of well known standard thread kit like DMC, Anchor and others. The main goal of the program is to be as simple and user friendly as possible without loss of quality and functionality, you can create a new embroidery scheme in just a few clicks. Result can be saved for later use, printed, or exported to several graphics formats or Microsoft Excel.
With development and improvement since 2003, the program uses best algorithms and technics of processing of pictures and gives finest results.
And new features and updates are coming in new version 5.0 soon!
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