What is it

If you or someone close to you like cross-stitches embroidery, then you will like Stitch Art Easy!

It is an editor which will help you to create embroidery pattern schemes from any photos and pictures in a few easy and quick steps. You just need to select source picture, select desired embroidery size, which threads and how many colors should be used. And you will receive prepared pattern scheme, which can be used for cross-stitch embroidery reference. You can print the scheme, save it for later use, or import it into image or PDF file.






Application Stitch Art Easy! is being develop since 2003, it has been downloaded for more than 200,000 times all around the world. During these years the application has grown in quality and features, there were multiple major improvements, and version 5 will be the best ever yet. This application has been developed for lovers of cross-stitches embroidery from the very beginning (one of which is my mother and the very first user) and I have listened to the feedbacks of all the users, to make what they really want.

The best exciting features of Stitch Art Easy! are:

  • Very simple and intuitive interface;
  • High quality of produced result, including the most precise colors matching;
  • Quick responsive interaction, no need to wait for long time till scheme is regenerated after each change of any parameter;
  • Multiple modes of pattern scheme display, it can also print in all these modes;
  • Favourite threads suites;
  • And many more.


Note: New version 5 is still being in development process, and many of its features will become available through year 2016 (with major releases scheduled for 1 July 2016, 1 September 2016, 31 December 2016). I will appreciate your patience while not all of desired functionality will be fully available in first releases. Please see all existing and planned features in <Features>.

During development period I will be thankful for your feedback on what you like or dislike, want to add or change. Let make the best cross-stitch embroidery application together.


Note 2: While version 5 becomes a paid software to cover increased development expenses, the previous version 4 will remain free to use with all required main functionality.


Samples of work made with Stitch Art Easy!